Nannette Alexander, President

Nannette Alexander received her Bachelor's in Business Administration with a double major in Statistics and Marketing from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, in 1977.

While in college, Nannette worked with Macy's in their Inventory Control Division and was responsible for all the stock that moved in and out of 12 stores in the southeastern states, accounting for 20% of Macy's inventory. She was responsible for stock in upscale jewelry, cosmetics, and ready-to-wear. She was the liaison between the buyers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and receiving. The merchandise could not go to the floor to sell before it went through Nannette's hands to get her stamp of approval. She was a candidate for Macy's Assistant Buyers Program, but decided to return to Dublin in 1977 and join the family business.

Nannette served for four years as an officer of the Georgia Business Technology Association, serving as President in 1995. She was a member of the Milledgeville Chamber of Commerce Board from 1986-88 and served on the Laurens 2000 Board from 1992-94. She has also served on the board of the Girl Scouts of America and the Georgia College and State University Advisory Board. She is a member of many business and cultural groups in Dublin.

Nannette has extensive training in sales, technology, and accounting, attending sessions sponsored by 3M, Hon, Canon, Sharp Electronics, S.P. Richards, Applied Concepts, the Small Business Administration, and Georgia Tech.

Nannette Alexander
President of Alexander's Office Center